How to Know if You Need Life Insurance in Indiana

The decision to get life insurance is a big decision, but it should never be as stressful as people consider it. If you are wondering if you need life insurance, there are a few life litmus tests that you can give yourself to determine what to do about this insurance policy.

At Blevins Insurance Agency, we want Lafayette, IN residents to feel secure about their futures, and about the futures of their dependents. We can help you design the best life insurance policy for your needs, for the right reasons.

Middle-Aged With Dependents

If you are middle-aged with dependents, life insurance is a good idea. For all those nights you wonder what will happen to them if something happens to you, life insurance is the answer.

If you are middle-aged and healthy, and not looking at life insurance as an investment, term life insurance will probably be the best option for you. This is life insurance that you purchase for a set amount of time, with a one-time benefit for your chosen beneficiaries. It can help them pay for funeral costs, your mortgage, and any other life expenses they will need.

Retirement Security

When you are thinking of life insurance, you are thinking of all of your needs for the long-term. Retirement security is something everybody thinks about at any age. If you are not sure how you are going to invest in your retirement planning, life insurance is a great start.

Whole life insurance and permanent life insurance are life insurance policies that function as assets. They offer death benefits, but additional benefits as well. You may be eligible to receive annual dividends after you have been paying for your life insurance for a few years if you pay more premiums than you are supposed to. Some may also provide long-term care coverage.

Every kind of life insurance functions as retirement security. 

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There is no one answer on whether you need life insurance. If you want security for your dependents should you die, you need life insurance. At Blevins Insurance Agency, we want Lafayette, IN to feel secure with their life decisions. Call us for a quote today.