Life Insurance in Indiana

Life Insurance

Life insurance is important to have because it is preparation for the future of yourself and your family. It can help take care of promises to your family that you made when you are no longer here anymore. We can help you here at Blevins Insurance Agency Inc In Lafayette, IN. We understand the importance of your loved ones’ future. We have coverage that will meet your needs continuously.

Life Insurance Requirements

While life insurance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Most employers carry life insurance, but you do not have to opt-in through them. You can always choose an individual plan elsewhere. You need life insurance if you feel that your loved ones will suffer financial difficulties following your death. Without life insurance, it may be difficult to pay cover such expenses.

Life Insurance Coverage

We can help you select the right coverage depending on what your life insurance needs are. There are a few different types of life insurance policies available that include:

  • Term life insurance- This will provide you with protection for a certain period. This can be an excellent place to begin if you do not have life insurance. In terms of money, it is less expensive than whole life insurance and is available with premiums that are fixed. The terms are available anywhere between one year to 20 years.
  • Whole life insurance- This coverage option is considered permanent life insurance since it remains intact for your lifetime. Premiums must be paid as directed in the policy. This option is great for investing since they build cash value with time.
  • Universal life insurance- This is also a form of permanent life insurance. This option carries premiums that are highly flexible. Universal life insurance can also build cash value and earn interest over time. The good thing is that the interest rate will never decrease below a percentage.


If you live in Indiana and need life insurance, visit our Blevins Insurance Agency Inc website today for a quote. Our office is located in Lafayette, IN.