Home Insurance in Indiana

Home Insurance

No matter where you live in Indiana, we can help you here at Blevins Insurance Agency Inc to take care of the place you call your home. We can help you learn about the many policies we offer here that can protect you from both the inside and out. Home insurance can protect you if damages were to occur resulting from weather, or even vandalism. There are many coverage options that you can choose from. We are located in Lafayette, IN.

Home Insurance Requirements

You may come across a mortgage lender that will require you to have home insurance prior to obtaining a mortgage. In this case, you should seek a homeowner’s insurance policy. On another note, Indiana does not require homeowners to purchase insurance. However, you will be responsible for damages out of your pocket if you do not have any insurance to cover it.

Home Insurance Coverage

Let's take a look at some of the coverage options you can choose from to protect your home:

  • Dwelling coverage- Dwelling protects your home’s structure including the walls and roof.
  • Personal property coverage- Personal property will keep everything inside of your home protected whether it is stolen or damaged outside of the home. This includes furniture,
  • Liability protection- Liability will protect you and defend you if you are sued by someone else resulting from an injury that took place on your property. This also protects you if you were to damage someone else’s property.
  • Guest medical protection- Guest medical protection will cover all medical costs for another person who is injured while on your property.
  • Other structures- The physical structure of other buildings that are on your property can only be protected through this policy. These include buildings that are separated and not attached to your home including a detached garage.


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