When Your Business Takes You Into Customer Properties

Commercial insurance helps cover liability for businesses when they send people, including the owner, onto customer premises, into homes, and elsewhere where problems could occur.

Small Businesses Are Usually Quite Vulnerable to Liability Losses

Businesses like real estate photography, landscaping, and cleaning may not have the kinds of concerns that carpenters, electricians, and plumbers have when visiting a home. If they knock over a valuable vase, stain a valuable rug, or break a window, it could be a major problem for a small business with limited assets. At Blevins Insurance Agency, we can help you in Lafayette, IN to make sure you’re covered, so you can grow your business knowing one false move isn’t likely to clear out your bank account.

Reach for the Stars with Confidence

For your small business, you probably look forward to gaining bigger clients and working at more impressive properties. As a photographer, for instance, photographing a million-dollar home is an important portfolio example as well as good business. You’ll probably be working around costly items, and risking being held liable for damage that occurs. With commercial insurance, you have coverage and help defend yourself in case controversy arises. At Blevins Insurance Agency, we can help you with identifying risks and finding commercial coverage that would work for your business in Lafayette, IN.

We Can Help Your Business Grow with Carefully Selected Insurance Coverage

Commercial insurance isn’t the only way we can help your business. Let us build a package for your specific business, including vehicle coverage and insurance for your employees as your company grows. There are ways we can even help your business continue if you’re no longer able to run it. Your small business can have help staying on track and thriving with less worry!