Does Home Insurance Cover a Vacation Home?

At Blevins Insurance Agency in Lafayette, IN, we help homeowners with one or more properties find the right home insurance policy for them. If you have a vacation home in our area, you should consider how you’ll protect that home against liability, theft, and more. Without the right home insurance coverage, your vacation home could be at risk for a range of issues that could cost you financially and emotionally.

For peace of mind, we encourage homeowners to review their home insurance options as soon as possible. For a secondary residence, a homeowner’s insurance policy may not be the right fit. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t find an insurance policy that could appropriately provide coverage for the vacation home and make you feel more secure about your home away from home.

Does Home Insurance Cover a Vacation Home?

While every policy has limits and conditions that you’ll want to review about the specific policy, most homeowner’s insurance policies will not insure a second home if you already have another property listed as the primary residence. Although this can be disappointing, the good news is that there are insurance policies that are specifically designed to cover the needs of vacation homeowners.

For a vacation home, you might be able to get second home insurance. Second home insurance policies tend to have terms and limits that understand that vacation homes face challenges from being unoccupied for most of the time that primary residences don’t experience as often. If you rent out your vacation home, you may need another type of policy like secondary dwelling and rental insurance to protect yourself as a landlord.

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